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“Pump Expert”

A friend on a women in tech community messaged me. “You’re the pump expert, what brands do you recommend that are comfortable and not too tall?”

I in no way consider myself a pump expert. And yet…  apparently wearing them enough and showing off enough pictures has elicited this reaction.

It’s interesting to think about how we can think one way about ourselves and our style and others see something else.

(I did offer a couple of brands that I’ve thought are the most comfortable, but also offered the advice of buying gel squishy pads for the front of the shoe.

OOTD: 10/29/2016

Me in a blue patterned shirt, skinny jeans, and navy patent pumps

Second day of speaking. I don’t normally wear skinny jeans on their own but kind of felt up to it today. Kind of wanted to rock the pumps. “Why are you wearing heels? You’re tall enough,” said one other speaker (and I’ll write more on people’s reactions in a bit). Also a blue theme (which seems to be a thing this month). But I think I ended up rocking this when I didn’t know if I would. (And today’s talk went even better!)

Shirt – Dress Barn
Jeans – Lane Bryant
Navy patent pumps – Mootsies Tootsies (Off Broadway Shoes)