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OOTD: 4/4/2017

This skirt… it continues to be lovely. I get a lot of compliments on it, no matter what I seem to wear it with. (Not bad for Torrid clearance!)


OOTD: 11/20/2016

Me wearing a black shirt, pink skirt, black tights, and black boots

I love this skirt. I always feel like it’s too much, but it really is super flattering and a pretty color and I usually get compliments on it. And it’s winter, so I think the black + pink combo works great. Or black + any accent color. I think I just wanted to wear this skirt today.

It was a clearance purchase from Torrid. I wish they had other colors, but what can you expect from clearance? It’s also longer in back too, which I don’t know that I have any particular feelings on.

This black shirt? One of my favorites. I bought it for probably $7 at Gordman’s, and now wish I had like 15 other ones. It’s soft and comfy and flattering and wish I had it in so many colors. But glad I at least have it in black!

Black shirt: (forgot brand, Gordman’s)
Pink skirt: Torrid
Black tights: George D (Walmart)
Black boots: Arizona Jean Co. (JC Penney)