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Catching up on OOTDs

I’ve had more time recently and have been catching up on side projects. One of the things I definitely neglected is this blog. I don’t really expect a lot of readers, but I still want to keep it going for my own fashion growth, and maybe to try to build confidence. But I wanted to also catch up on posting outfits so maybe I can look through them and remind myself of outfits and try to think through new combinations of stuff I wear a lot.

To speed up things, I’m posting them without thoughts. Not that I really remember my moods or anything about it anyway.

I’m backdating them, so if you want to look, feel free to click the OOTD category at the top and peruse. I caught up on December-January, I’ll see if I can do February and March soon too. Then maybe for April I’ll write out where I got my clothes and things from.

~ Sarah


A bit behind…

So I’ve neglected this for a bit. It was a bit of a fear of mine…  I’d try so hard to get it going, then just forget about it, or run out of time, or something. So I’m going to try to catch up a bit.

December was just a mess, like every December. They’re not my favorite month. Quite the opposite really. And January was just trying to get some side projects done. And February has so far been trying to get side projects done that I didn’t get done in January like intended. Such is life, right?

I’m probably going to backdate outfits from December. Maybe not write must, just post for the record and an attempt at being confident enough to have my outfits online. And my goal tonight is to write up a thoughtful post (and not this one)!

Wish me luck…