Author: Sarah (fashionistawannabeintech)

Catching up on OOTDs

I’ve had more time recently and have been catching up on side projects. One of the things I definitely neglected is this blog. I don’t really expect a lot of readers, but I still want to keep it going for my own fashion growth, and maybe to try to build confidence. But I wanted to also catch up on posting outfits so maybe I can look through them and remind myself of outfits and try to think through new combinations of stuff I wear a lot.

To speed up things, I’m posting them without thoughts. Not that I really remember my moods or anything about it anyway.

I’m backdating them, so if you want to look, feel free to click the OOTD category at the top and peruse. I caught up on December-January, I’ll see if I can do February and March soon too. Then maybe for April I’ll write out where I got my clothes and things from.

~ Sarah