OOTD: 11/15/2016

Me wearing a pink dress, black cardigan, patterned black tights, and black bootsCloseup of tights pattern

A friend of mine suggested I wear these tights, so I put them on and left the house going “oh cute!” After I got to work I started to think “oh gosh, these are too bold!” I guess they weren’t. No strange looks, no gasps or shocked looks of horror. Maybe they were just… cute…?

This is one of those self-confidence things. Just this thought that either what I do is over the top (even though it’s not) or maybe I’m not pretty enough (which I suppose I am) or other people pull it off better (despite others telling me I pull them off well) or being too tall or too fat (although I see people of other similar sizes pull off similar things)…  I’m hoping maybe in time doing this blog is helpful for my confidence and that I can look at pictures of me and say “hey, I’m not nearly all those bad things I say about myself.”

Pink dress – Lane Bryant
Cardigan – (Forgot brand, Gordman’s)
Patterned tights – Merona (Target)
Boots – Arizona Jean Co. (JC Penney)



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