OOTD: 11/10/2016

Me wearing a white shirt, blue cardigan, leather skirt, and black boots

This skirt…  I saw it in a Lane Bryant ad, and loved it. The way it flattered the model and she just rocked it. Yet… leather skirts are this thing in my head that register as WAY to riské. But this is like a cute flowy leather skirt. So it’s not really riské, right? But the ad paired it with a white sweater and I loved it. So my bestie Sarah and I went to an LB store and both tried on the same outfit. She didn’t like the skirt on her, but loved it on me, so I got it. And have worn it like 3-4 times in a couple of years now. I need to wear it more.

(Faux) Leather skirt – Lane Bryant
White shirt – (Don’t remember brand, from JC Penney)
Black hose – No Nonsense
Boots – Arizona Jean Co. (JC Penney)



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