OOTD: 11/9/2016

Me wearing a blue patterned dress, black cardigan, and black boots

Ta-da! I got a new tripod clip to hold a cell phone. So along with the timer function, I can easily take pictures of my whole outfit that have better lighting in the rest of the apartment instead of the awful lighting and messy bedroom. Yay!

I’ve worn this dress several times since starting this blog. And it’s a great dress. Brings out my eyes, gets compliments, flatters the figure. But one of the things I wanted with the blog was to try to explore new outfits. It’s easy to keep rewearing the same thing when you know it works. But I can change it up to. And right now I don’t know many ways to try new ways to wear this yet, but would love to have ideas from people.

And with better pictures where I’m not selfieing in a mirror, I think I’ll allow larger resolution views. Still nervous about them, I guess. And nervous that making a blog about fashion is really silly/stupid. Probably this idea that the tech industry shouldn’t involve any sort of fashion.

Blue patterned dress – Liz Claiborne (JC Penney)
Black cardigan – Worthington (JC Penney)
Black tights – George D (Walmart)
Black boots – Arizona Jean Co. (JC Penney)



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