OOTD: 11/3/2016


Me wearing a gray shirt, pink skirt, and brown boots

I didn’t end up taking many pictures of this outfit. Well, I might have, but they might have gotten lost in my phone conversion too. (You’d figure as a geek I’d know how to do better backups.) Anyway, this skirt I got on clearance at Torrid, and it was super adorable. Then I got it home and went “Oh geez, I’ll wear this. It’s too…  cutesy. Too young.” I figured out how to wear it I think, one of them being simple t-shirt, skirt, and flats or flat boots. It feels too much with heels. At least, for this point of me trying to figure out fashions. I do love how the skirt flows off me, and with a tucked in shirt, does a great job of flattering what I feel like is a larger frame.

(Also: how is it warm enough in November that I can wear a skirt without needing something to cover my legs?)

Gray t-shirt – Old Navy
Pink skirt – Torrid (clearnance!)
Brown boots – Arizona Jean Co. (JC Penney)



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