OOTD: 11/2/2016

Note: I lost some of the images off my phone, so there might be fewer pictures or posts for a bit.

Me in a black shirt and purple leaf pattern skirt and flats.Enlarged skirt pattern

There was next to no wind, and I happen to be digging through the skirts I had and saw this one again. It’s super light and airy, so it goes all over the place in the wind. But with no wind today, it became the perfect thing to wear! It’s a black thin lining with the purple/white leafy pattern on a sheer purple fabric, so it flows very nicely. It ripped, but thankfully the roommate at that point knew how to sew and fixed it. So it’s nearly as good as new again.

Also this skirt? Super old. About one of the oldest pieces of clothing I still have. Also weird since I don’t shop at Walmart anymore.

Black shirt – Old navy
Purple leaf skirt – Walmart
Flats – DSW



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