OOTD: 10/3/2016

I wrote a lot about my last outfit. Most aren’t going to be nearly so lengthy.

Me in a blue pattern dress, black belt, black knee-high boots

October 2 was a Sunday, and I was mostly walking around Portland, so I wore flats. I wore a cute new shirt too, but since this is getting posted after the fact, and I don’t really like the picture, I decided not to post it.

Today’s a Monday, and I was flying back home. I always notice the women in the airport in their nice outfits and shoes and decided I wanted to do the same. I brought another dress I had (my backup speaking dress) and paired it with the boots again and decided as I was plane hopping, I’d wear it.

I was glad. I felt rather fancy wandering around the 3 airports in my dress and boots. Also felt pretty comfy on the planes too since I’m rather tall and larger, and contorting my body anyway isn’t very fun.

Dress – Fashion Bug
Belt – Rampage
Boots – Avenue (link)



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