OOTD: 10/1/2016

Gray sweater dress with black belt, black tights, and black boots

Around mid-September I saw this dress in a Dress Barn email ad. I fell in love with it instantly. I loved how it fit her, and the color, and the belt, and the boots… just the whole look. And I wanted it. But I had been in my funk and really didn’t feel too much like shopping lately. So I held myself back.

I had to give a conference talk today, and knew it was coming up. So I decided I wanted to speak in this outfit. I wandered up to Dress Barn, found the dress, tried it on, and loved it. Then went home.

I went back a couple of days later with regret. Went back, found it again, still in my size, and bought it. I also knew Avenue had knee-high boots (which are really hard to find nice, classy, size 11 boots that actually fit my feet/calves correctly), and went across the street and bought those. And had my ensemble. Then I flew out the next day.

The morning of the talk, I put it on after my shower, and felt kind of amazing (but a bit warm) in it. It had a detachable infinity scarf too.

Me wearing the gray sweater dress and black bootsMe in black knee-high boots

I felt silly in a way. I haven’t looked nice like this in a while. Then again, I also felt kind of like a rock star. I knew I’d have to walk a long ways (I was in another city using public transportation too) and so I wore flats, packed the boots, then changed there. And it really worked out… I think I rocked it.

Me speaking on stage in front of a crowd wearing the new outfit

By the end of the day I really wanted to wear this outfit for at least another week. I felt rather awesome and pretty in it. The adrenaline of the speaking probably helped. But I still had the whole rest of the month ahead of me. I knew I’d probably pull today off easily, so I guess I’ll see how the rest of the month will be.

Dress/belt – Dress Barn (link)
Tights – Walmart
Boots – Avenue (link)



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