About the Blog

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a software developer in the Midwest of the US. I am truly a geek at heart. So much so that most of the types of things I do for my career I still do on the side. It’s great and I love it. But…  well…  there’s something I should probably confess.

I’m a fashionista wannabe.

Since I was little I’ve always been interested in fashion. Pretty clothes, nice shoes, the whole thing. There’s been many reasons I’ve never really pursued any of it. And I hope to blog about many of these things over time. But the worst part is probably that as the years have went by and I’ve just worn really casual stuff I haven’t been interested in, it’s made my want to be more fashionable and pretty stronger. And I haven’t given in. But I really want to.

There’s some problems with this. As I dress up more, it’s noticeable. The tech industry thrives on super casual (t-shirts, baggy jeans, sneakers) clothes. Women are a small minority in the tech world, which means that anything we do stands out more, and the more fashionable we are, the more it’s assumed we’re not smart or really tech people, or that we just work in marketing or whatever. Plus I have my own fears about it, like it makes me look more high maintenance, or snooty or stuck up, or something. It ends up making me talk myself out of fashion things a lot. I’m also tall (so heels are dumb), overweight/curvy (so I can’t wear things like the models in clothing ads), and so on. I constantly talk myself out of a lot of wearing outfits.

I hope to not only blog my attempts at trying to be more fashionable on a daily basis, but blog through the struggles. Why do I struggle with these things? How am I perceiving society around me? How has my changing style affected me and my clothing choices? How have clothing choices affected others around me? What do I notice about others that empowers them that I can try to adopt for myself?

I’ve seen a lot of fashion blogs. Women who wear great outfits and look confident doing it. I wish I was one of them. But instead, I hope to write about my own process of accepting fashion over self-consciousness. About dressing for my odd body shape. About dealing with society’s expectations. I hope that somehow it’s helpful for others. I know I can’t possibly be the only one who deals with issues like these.

In the mean time, leave me a message if you’re in the same boat. If you want to be a fashionista too, but find it’s hard for whatever reason, I’d love to connect!



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